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About Us:

36 years ago, at a time when there were only a handful of dance studios within a 20-mile radius and the focus was mainly on drill teams and twirling, Ms. Carol Ann realized a studio was needed in the area solely focusing on the performing arts. Having built a reputation for choreographing and teaching at local schools and at the request of parents, Rowlett Dance Academy was born.

RDA has outlasted all other studios because... we care.  We put the students and families first and go that extra mile to ensure our students are well prepared for competitions, performances, and everyday life


Former students bring their own children to RDA because they trust us—they believe in us. They wish for their child to have the same amazing experience they did. That experience includes expert teaching, challenging them physically and mentally, and creating a sense of confidence beyond their own beliefs and capabilities.


When Carol Ann is not at RDA, she enjoys painting, reading, working on jigsaw puzzles, and snuggling with her 2 dogs. One day she would love to live on the coast, walk on the beach every morning, and then spend the rest of the day painting the view.


Welcome to Rowlett Dance Academy!

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