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  • How young can students start classes?
    Our combo classes start as young as 3. In these classes they learn ballet, tap and acro. Our leveled classes start at 6.
  • Do you offer weeknight classes for pre-school aged kids?
    We do! Our combo classes are offered two evenings a week, however these classes fill up quickly. We offer Saturday morning classes, as well.
  • Do you offer adult classes and do they require previous dance experience?
    We offer adult tap, ballet, contemporary and hip hop. No previous dance experience is required. These classes are taught in a way that make dancing fun and help increase your flexibility and mobility. Come join us, these classes are a lot of fun.
  • What is the attire for class?
    Our combo classes require a leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes and tap shoes. Hair should always be up in a bun. Our level 1-10 ballet classes require leotards, pink tights and ballet shoes. Ballet skirts are optional, shorts and leggings are not permitted. Leg warmers can help add warmth in colder months. Our contemporary, jazz, theatre arts, hip hop and acro classes require students to wear form fitting clothes or leotards. Jazz shoes are required for theatre arts and jazz class, half soles or foot undies are required for contemporary. Sneakers that have not been worn outside of a classroom setting are required for hip hop.
  • I don’t own dance shoes but want to try a class before I buy them. Is this an option?
    Yes! Absolutely! If you want to try the classes before you buy the shoes just come in a clean pair of socks and be ready to dance. Shoes will be required for your second class.
  • Do you offer a trial class?
    We do offer trial classes and encourage you to call us to get that trial class started.
  • Will my old tennis shoes work for hip hop?
    They will not. All of our classrooms are available for our ballerinas to rehearse in and street oils are quite dangerous to those dancing en pointe.
  • My child hasn’t danced in a while but wants to get back to class. How do I know where to enroll them?
    We can suggest a class for your kiddo to step into and try based on their age range. Once there, all of our teachers are trained to recognize if the leveling is right or wrong for the student, and will adjust accordingly. Our acro class will require an observation with Ms Kyra to get them placed in the right level. Please contact us to schedule that observation time.
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